Monday, March 29, 2010

Artfest 2010

When I got home from Artfest 2010 and a short side-trip to see the kids and grandkids, I hit the ground running since it was Easter weekend, a new semester with new courses/students, etc., and so I haven't really had much of a chance to slow down enough to post. Sorry 'bout that, for many reasons---I'll try to do better! :) {By the way, the date above shows I posted March 29th, but that's only when I started this post--it's really May! ha!}
First of all, I had a terrific time! I took classes with Carla Sonheim (whimsical drawing/watercolor), Julie Haymaker Thompson (Dr. Suess-like paperclay characters), and Susan Kazmer (altered surfaces on metalwork). Not only did the three classes use different mediums, but the instructors were totally distinctive in personality, teaching style, etc. The students in each group were diverse so each day was its own unique slice of Artfest. Two friends, Sue and Vicki, were in the metalworking class with me so that made it all the more fun. I'll post some about each separate class as I get the opportunity, but for now, the pictures are from a walk I took all by myself, something I rarely do. Enjoy!