Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Organizing Mosaic Supplies

One of my first projects for the summer was to organize my mosaic supplies so that I could dig in and get to work.  Some of the projects I will be working on are:  1) another "heart" for "All the Arts for All the Kids" (see earlier posts) with 6 of my good friends, 2) a mosaic portrait of my grandson Ethan, 3) some projects for  the "Green Scene" next spring, 4) treasure boxes for Clayton, Maxx, Sadie and Ezera, and last but not least, 5) several friends and family members want to try their hand at mosaics this summer so I'll be having a mini-class/mosaic party on a summer Saturday.
I organized small cut pieces of glass by color in plastic containers, specialty items in cigar boxes, large sheets of glass in wood IKEA magazine boxes, etc.  One shelf is for tools and adhesives, another for grout, thinset, cut glass strips and large containers of tile and cut china/pottery pieces.

Now to tackle the house, shelf by shelf, closet by closet!  Ha!

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  1. ACK!! What happened to the book cabinet? LOL I'm jealous. It looks incredible!

    Wonder how many mosaic projects I can make and drag back home this summer? ;0)