Monday, January 4, 2010

Mosaic Shoe? Yep! #1

Tonight in mosaics we started a shoe (a la Laurel Skye's new book). We were asked to bring an interesting shoe, ready to prepare for mosaicing. I stopped by Salvation Army, then I went through my closet and through the spare closet that holds leftovers from my adult kids, but to no avail. I was late to class, not sure what I was going to do, so on a whim I stopped by my neighbor's house and asked if she had any old shoe she didn't want anymore. She laughed and said, "absolutely, I know just the one!" I thanked her, she gave me a hug, and off to class.
Tonight we covered the shoe in rigid wrap (very messy!) with the next step being to fill with fix-all. I'll post pictures on the next "shoe" post. Fun so far!

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