Monday, September 26, 2011

A Heart for Kids

For the last several years I have been involved in "All the Arts for All the Kids"; a foundation set up to provide classes in the arts to the public school children in the city of Fullerton.  Last year, the Artbreakers (a mosaic group to which I belong) was challenged to mosaic a 5 foot tall heart to be auctioned for the cause.  It was a tremendous amount of work but well worth it---over 350 total hours but the heart sold for $5,000.  You can read about it in an earlier post called "10 of Hearts".

This year we were challenged again---6 of us worked on the heart in Nancy's garage.  The theme was to be as if we were making overlapping "prayer rugs", but some who view it think it looks more like quilts than rugs.  To make it easier to work on, each person drew off a section and applied their mosaic rug design to mesh.  Then, the mesh piece was applied with thinset, and finished off with grout.

Hopefully we will get a generous buyer who will see the value of the donation, the beauty of the work, and the hearts behind the heart.

I enjoy looking at each rug on the heart and thinking about each friend who lovingly made it.  Thanks Gail, Julie, Kirsten, Nancy and Shelley for letting me work on this with you.  I love you all.


  1. How much did the first Heart go for? Did this one get a good price? I had hoped to see the list and somehow. I good not get to the sight at the auction. I know it had to have a gotten a good price for your hard and wonderful work.

  2. The first one we made went I think went for 3800, and this one went for 5000. It was purchased by a woman in memory of her husband, and was installed by the Fullerton train station. This year we are making smaller ones of the same quality so that they will be more affordable to the average person.