Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Bundle of Joy

If you know me at all, you know that spending time with my grandchildren is high on my list, so this summer having them all together for a week was incredible.  One of my granddaughters turns three today and I can't let the day pass without sharing a little about her.  She is so much fun! 

Here are just 10 things I love about her:
1)  She is girly--loves "pretties" and her "tinkerbell" (her ruffly skirt). 
2)  She's a tomboy--plays anything rough the boys want to do.
3)  She can be in charge--heard coming out of her mouth "knockee off boys!"  Her mama has nicknamed her the "Little Colonel".
4)  She can play bashful or shy--bats her pretty eyes at Papa. 
5)  She tries to keep up with her big brothers--has been known to follow them out in the snow with boots and a diaper and that's all!
6)  She likes to love on and play with her baby brother. 
7) Snow and dirt do not seem to phase her at all. 
8)  She can be very self-sufficient--if she's hungry, she can find something to eat herself, even if it means she has to climb to get it. 
9) She likes to talk--will say anything on the phone just to keep the conversation going!
10)  She can roll with the punches--when we went to Disneyland, she was cheerful from 10 in the morning until after 10 at night without a meltdown.

She melts my heart!
I wish I could hug and squeeze her today, but a phone call will have to do.  Love her so very much!!

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